Monday, October 27, 2008

My sister has been going through lots of old photos from my grandma and all my aunts and uncles. I love this picture! My Mom is the first one on the left. Next is her sister Shirley, then my grandma(her mom), her sister melanie and then her sister in law Mary. I love this picture because they all look so happy and well put together. There outfits are so stylish. I think that is one thing our generation has lost. Sadly we don't dress like they use to. Our generation really doesnt have that specific fashion look about us.
Here's Shelby's Fall picture. Isn't she cute!
I know its been a while since I have posted. Life has been a little crazy. My last post I talked about the movie Fireproof. Jake & I got to go see this movie recently and it was great! You have got to go see it. I wish we had much more movies out there that would inspire you and are enjoyable to watch. I've asked about when it will come out for purchase and they said probably not until Jan. or Feb. 2009. I was hoping by Christmas. :(