Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas 2008

Coming soon!

Christmas 2007

Ill have to figure out how to post the video I took of our balcony and other decorations this year!
But for now this was our tree!

Christmas 2006

Christmas 2005

We didn't take alot of pictures of this year's decor but i thought these were cute!

Christmas ah... my favorite time of the Year!

1st Christmas 2004

Christmas time! Some would say not yet! I would say ABSOLUTELY! Every year Jake & I put up our decorations a week before Thanksgiving. This started because we would go out of town for Thanksgiving and not come home until Sunday night. At that point we would have helped both of our parents decorate and my sister decorate their homes. So we decided to do ours before we leave. I love this approach because it means Christmas goes up earlier! So very soon you might see some pictures of Christmas fun from the Curtis household!!! But here are a few pics from the past!!!

Thought for today!

Today I'm reminded of the importance to remain encouraged in the Lord. What I mean is that we have an opportunity everyday to make a difference in our spirit with what we do. I can choose to watch or listen to something that really encourages me or I can listen to, watch or engage in something that brings nothing or yet more damages my emotional and spiritual state of mind. I find that every time I listen to a sermon -podcast on line or read a book that God brings a person across my path that needs to hear what I just listened to or just read. How many people get affected by my state of mind. Either good or bad. I need to be on guard above reproach and in all days ready and in season for the message that I need to speak for the sake of who? The many people affected by what I might encourage them with or that I might offend or discourage them with. Words such an important part of our eternal destiny!