Thursday, March 12, 2009

WAR GAMES!!!! 2007

It's about that time again! Every year for Jake's birthday since 2006 we have a tradition called War Games. As most of you know Jake has a twin brother named Eric. So for there birthday one year their sister Karla and I decided to put on this event and we have continued it ever since. It started out with blue vs. red because their Mom used to dress them in red and blue. So we kept it with Red team for Eric and blue team for Jake. In the beginning all Eric's friends were singles and all of Jake's were married. So for a while it became a contest between marrieds and singles. But as times have changed and many of Eric's friends are now married its just red vs. blue. So to make things even more interesting we decided to bring in a trophy last year. Whoever wins gets the trophy and bragging rights for the next year. Every year we add a new plate on the trophy stating who won. As you can see below we have so much fun and it's really just a good excuse to get everyone out for a day of fun competition! These pictures are from last year's competition.